All-Russian Accelerator of Social Initiatives
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RAISE - an educational program with a competitive component, aimed at identifying and developing socially-oriented young leaders based on the experience of developing and implementing real student social projects using an entrepreneurial approach.

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    About us

    Inna Gazieva

    Director of the Accelerator of RANEPA, PhD in Sociological Sciences
    +7 (499) 956-00-30
    About us

    Anna Burashnikova

    Project manager
    +7 (499) 956-96-09
    About us

    Diana Dzyba

    Project сoordinator
    +7 (499) 956-96-09
    About us

    Vladlena Khalitova

    Project manager
    +7 (499) 956-96-09
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  • Rules for Students


    • The student teams that has registered on the website and submitted applications for participation can take part in the Accelerator.

    Participation in Road Show

    • Take part in the installation of educational activities and workshops in the backbone universities during which the launch of the next season will be performed, as well as the organization of information events, round tables and trainings.

    Educational Sessions

    • Take part in educational sessions aimed at the development of project, business, presentation and other competences.

    Distance Courses

    • Get acquainted with remote electronic learning materials posted on the Accelerator's official website.

    The Tournament

    • Take part in the Accelerator Tournament.

    The Projects

    • The projects of the teams have to be aimed at solving social problems and contain an entrepreneurial approach to solving such problems.

    Expert Appraisal

    • The projects are examined (unloading of forms, Skype) to determine the compliance of the declared projects with the requirements of the competitive events.

    The Participation in the Competitive Events

    • According to the results of the team interim examination, implemented projects that meet the requirements are invited to participate in competitive events.

    The Preparation for the Presentation

    • The Duration: 3 minutes.
    • Team report (required): printed on one sheet of thick A3 paper; contains the results of the team's work for the reporting year for all implemented projects, including those projects that will not be involved in the presentation.
    • Team sheet (required): printed on one A4 sheet of thick paper, includes information about the team only. It is possible to have additional presentation materials necessary to form a full understanding of the projects of the jury members (at the discretion of the team).

    The Performance

    • The Duration: 15 minutes.
    • The number of participants: 4-7 people.
    • Dress code: formal.
    • The number of presented projects – no more than three.

    Q&A (Questions and Answers)

    • Duration: 7 minutes.
    • At the end of the performance, the team answers the questions of experts-members of the jury.

    The Evaluation Criteria

    1. Elaboration and relevance of the problem.
    2. The depth of the analysis of the competitive environment.
    3. The presence of social effects for the target audience as a result of the project activities.
    4. Provision of project resources.
    5. The possibility of subsequent reproduction of the project/ merchantability of the ideas.
    6. Scalability / replicability of the project.
    7. Financial stability of the project.
    8. The role of the project in achieving the goal of partners.
    9. A new look at the solution of the problem in a particular region.
    10. Measurability of project results.
    11. Availability of technological solutions.
    12. Media coverage of the results of the team/ audience coverage.
    13. Quality of presentation material and presentation.
    14. The quality of the answers to the questions.

    Points 1-4, 12-14

    0 - Complete mismatch
    1 - Rather low compliance
    2 - Rather high compliance
    3 - High compliance

    Paragraphs 5-11

    0 - No
    1 - Yes

    The Overseas Internship

    • Participation of winners in overseas internships with purpose of studying best practices in the development of social entrepreneurship.

    The Compilation of Cases

    • Publication of the best cases of social entrepreneurship in the annual collection "Socially-oriented project activities: practices and cases".